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Controlling iTunes, Windows Media Player, and/or Winamp from HoeKey: (thanks Magus')


Finding "nerdy programmer messages":


Close the current window:


Accents and other funny characters:

Holding down alt and typing 0246 on the numeric keypad will give you �. This is done in hoekey like:
You can find the other keystrokes by running the "charmap" application that comes with windows, (start->run->charmap.exe). Then just click the character you want and note the "keystroke: alt+0220" in the lower right. The 0220 goes in a hoekey key sequence as seen above. Note the \0, \2 means numeric keypad rather than just number key. This is needed for it to work right.

Key codes for Logitech keyboard: (maybe more?) (thanks TBD)

Back 166

My Home 172

Mute 173

Vol Down 174

Vol Up 175

Email 180

Calc 183

Relative volume adjustments:

~up=Msg|Progman|793|0|655360   ; win+up: vol up

~down=Msg|Progman|793|0|589824 ; win+down: vol down

Create new folder in current directory:

Make a config entry like:
~_R=Run|wscript.exe cfolder.vbs "%c""
Then use the .vbs:

Dim arg, strFolderName, objFileSys

If WScript.Arguments.Count = 0 Then

  WScript.Echo  "Config like: ~_R=Run|wscript.exe cfolder.vbs ""%c"""


  strFolderName = InputBox("Enter folder name to create under:"& vbCRLF & vbCRLF & WScript.Arguments(0), "HoeKey: Create Folder")

  if strFolderName <> "" then

    Set objFileSys = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

    objFileSys.CreateFolder(WScript.Arguments(0) &"\"& strFolderName)

  end if

End If

and that should create a folder in the current directory of whatever app is in the foreground.