Apps from your close personal friend, bCheck

These are all MS Windows apps, they have zero dependencies and are as small as I could get 'em. Source is supplied for most.

HoeKey is a teeny (19k) program to assign hotkeys to do most anything. Win-N to run notepad, Win-G to google search on current highlighted word, etc etc. It's configurable with a simple .ini file.

Make your PrintScreen button work the way it ought. Save to file, print to printer, or copy to dumb ol' clipboard.

Have a program run at the startup of windows, but only if your caps-lock key is down at the time.

Make a shortcut to run an app at your favorite resolution. Once the app exits, it switches back to your default resolution.

Yet another damn image viewer. 200k, and it works the way I wanted it too.

WinAMP2 plugin to copy all files in current playlist somewhere

Simple command line utility to convert between many image formats

4k app to show hidden windows

little app to create shortcuts to properties of devices normally found in device manager

If you have comments and suggestions I welcome them. My email address is in the about screen of HoeKey.